Native Americans:


Tribe Coahuiletecans
Map of Native Americans

The Major Tribes of Texas
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The Caddos
The Atakapans
The Commanche
The Coahuiltecan
The Karankawas
The Wacos
The Jumanos
The Wichitas
The Kickapoos

General Information about Texas

Texas History Interactive Timeline
Great Facts about Texas
Texas Beyond History
Alamo Museum
Texarkana Museum
Doss Heritage and Cultural Museum
The Bob Bullock Museum

Texas Explorers

Texas Explorers PowerPoint
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Map of Known World in 1492
Texas Exploration
Spain at the Time of Exploration
Timeline - 1492-1542
Timeline - 1565-1628
PBS - Conquistadors
Texas Explorers - Why did they come?

Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Learn about Columbus
All About Columbus
Christopher Columbus
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Hernando Cortes
Facts about Cortes
Interesting Facts

Francisco Coronado

 Francisco Vasquez de Coronado
Francisco Vasquez de Coronado

Coronado exploration
Seven Cities of Gold
Facts about Casquez de Coronado
PBS-Coronado from Amy V.
Map of Coronado Expedition

Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle
Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle

LaSalle Learning
La Salle Shipwreck

The French in Texas
La Salle's Shipwreck
Seiur de La Salle(1643-1687)

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Cabeza De Vaca
Cabeza de Vaca Facts and Information
De Vaca's Journey
PBS Conquistadors
Cabeza de Vaca- From Amy V.
Building Texas Article
"Medicine Man"
de Vaca
Explorer: Cabeza de Vaca
de Vaca's Texas journey

Primary Sources on Cabeza de Vaca

The Journey of Cabeza de vaca
Cabeza de Vaca information
Student interactive La Relacion
Map of de Vaca's journey
Archive of de Vaca's account

Hernando de Soto
MAP - De Soto's Journey
De Soto - Explorer
Hernando de Soto

Spanish Missions, Presidios and Villas
Texas Under New Spain
Spanish Missions
LIfe in a Spanish Mission
Five Missions of San Antonio
Handbook of Texas - Spanish Missions
National Park Service - San Antonio Missions